Tjarnarbíó sells tickets through ticket site tix.is or through e-mail midasala(hjá)tjarnarbio.is.

We do our best to respond quickly to all enquiries. You can help us by making sure all ticket-related e-mails contain the following information: Full name, Icelandic id number (if applicable), name of show in question, date(s) and time.

You can reach us via telephone by dialing (+354)527-2100 on business days between 11am and 5pm and two hours before shows.

All information regarding shows and events can be found here on the website or at our facebook page.

Buying tickets

Ticket price varies between shows. Please see information for each individual show for ticket price. Please note, house discount do not automatically apply to guest shows or other events out of season.

Senior citizens, the disabled and unions within the arts get a 20% discount on ticket prices. To use the discount, please contact us via midasala(at)tjarnarbio.is and we will reply with a purchase link.

Unions within the arts and art students get a special price on tickets purchased on the day of show. For more information, please contact us at midasala(at)tjarnarbio.is

Regarding tickets and shows

  • The ticket holder is responsible for knowing the correct show-date and time.
  • For family shows, all children must have a ticket. Seating a child on your lap without a ticket is not allowed.
  • Use of mobile devices is not allowed during shows.
  • Please review your ticket purchase before finalizing it, i.e. place, date, time and seats. It is not always possible to change tickets your tickets after purchase is complete.
  • Tickets can be reserved for a maximum of 7 days. After that the reservation is canceled.

Purchasing disclaimer:

  • A ticket is considered used if a request for change has not been made at least 24 hours before the show starts.
  • Resale of tickets resulting in a profit is strictly forbidden and will result in the ticket being canceled.
  • If an event or show is canceled, ticket holders are offered similar tickets for the next date or a full refund.
  • If an event or show date is changed, tickets are automatically moved to the new date. If that date is unsuitable for the ticket holder, he/she is entitled to a full refund within 7 days from the announcement.
  • When purchasing a ticket with Tjarnarbíó, via the internet, the telephone or at our box office, the ticket holder has 14 days to cancel the purchase and receive a full refund. However, this does not apply if there are less than 14 days until the event or show takes place. Tickets purchased with gift cards are not refunded. Group offers are not refunded.
  • Tjarnarbíó’s gift cards expire in three years from the date of purchase. If ticket prices increase between seasons or the gift card is used to purchase tickets with a higher price than the general price, the customer needs to pay the difference. Gift cards are not refunded. In some special cases, gift cards might have a shorter expiry date than mentioned above.
  • A lost gift card is lost money.


Bus – Routes 1, 3, 6, 11, 12, 13 and 55 stop at Reykjavík City Hall and from there it’s less than a minute’s walk to Tjarnarbíó.

Parking – We encourage our guests to consider giving their car a break and use more environmentally friendly means of transport. However, we realize that’s not always possible. In those cases, Reykjavík City Hall offers a spacious parking garage with opening hours between 7am and midnight. Standard city parking rates apply.

Wheelchairs – Tjarnarbíó and Tjarnarbarinn are both wheelchair accessible. Ticket staff will assist guests in wheelchairs in finding suitable space inside the theater.

Tjarnarbarinn – Café and Bar

Center of Arts and Creativity

Tjarnarbarinn – Cafe and Bar serves all sorts of liquid refreshments, hot and cold. Also a variety of sweets and treats. Guests are free to bring their refreshments with them and enjoy while watching the show.

Tjarnarbarinn – Cafe is open between 11am and 5pm. The menu includes delicious vegetable soups, grilled paninis and sourdough bread with hummus – all home made. We also offer freshly baked croissants, muffins- and of course coffee and tea.