The Brogan Davison Show

Dance For Me

Premieres 21. febrúar 2020
The show is in English

“I hope she gets the help she needs” – Concerned audience member

The Brogan Davison Show is a stand-up performance that critically explores the act of staging a ‘self’ within the complicated world of identity politics and representation. Dancing on a fine line of lowbrow entertainment and highbrow contemporary performance art, The Brogan Davison Show rarely manages to please everyone in the room, despite it’s very best effort. 

In the show, Brogan Davison, a socially awkward, self-deprecating and mentally unstable English woman, attempts to give the performance of a lifetime. She shares stories from her working class upbringing in England, re-lives being a backing singer in her Dad’s Rock and roll cover band and has a philosophical conversation with a mic-stand. 

At its core this vulnerable and hilarious show celebrates failure and the beauty and liberation that can be found within it. As smart as it is naive, The Brogan Davison Show is many things, but mostly a declaration of love for anyone who is looking to find a meaningful place in the world.

“There is something startlingly ugly about the performance, which stands in contrast to how fancy and showy the character on stage seems to want to be.” — Charlotte Myrbråten, Bergens Tidende, Bergen, Norway

“One moment I have the feeling of looking at the craziest stand-up comedy show I have ever seen, the next moment I see a feminist manifesto in it and then a deeply personal monologue.” — Fay van der Wall, Vers Beton online magazine, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

“It’s an intimate-revy-comedy-feminist-therapy-show” — Norsk Shakespearetidsskrift, Trondheim, Norway

The Brogan Davison Show is an intelligent notion of expectations, roles and truth disguised as liberating nonsense.” — Charlotte Myrbråten, Bergens Tidende, Bergen, Norway

“…it offers a condition of solidarity through the embrace of weakness, failure and vulnerability. And within that solidarity that their work offers, we find qualities of tenderness, empathy, laughter, comfort, and even love, for ourselves and each other.” — Alexander Roberts – Co-Director Reykjavík Dance Festival and Programme Director MFA Performing Arts at the Iceland University of the Arts 

The Brogan Davison Show is the newest work of the award-winning group Dance For Me, lead by performance makers Pétur Ármannsson (IS) and Brogan Davison (UK). Located within the field of real fiction, their work explores the relationship of a lived life and it’s representation and tackles questions that arise from the act of staging a ‘self’ through their trademark vulnerable and off-key approach to performance making. The Brogan Davison Show has been shown in Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam (HOL), Fabbrica Europa (IT), Meteor Festival (NO), Rosendal Teater (NO), Everybody’s Spectacular (ISL) and Reykjavík Dance Festival (ISL). 

Concept and creation: Brogan Davison Dramaturg: Pétur Ármannsson Artistic support: Ingrid Vranken and Samara Hersch Co-production: Indiciplinarte (IT), Das Theatre School (NL), Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam (NL), BIT Teatregarasjen (NO), Rosendal Theatre (NO) Marketing: Heba Eir Kjeld