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Tjarnarbíó Season Cards

Here in Tjarnarbíó we are proud to announce our brand new season cards for season 20/21! There are two types of cards available, both with fantastic discounts on tickets and other services here in Tjarnarbíó.

Join the Tjarnarbíó family and secure your season card suited to your needs. All cards have a minimum of three show that you must choose but beyond that you can choose as many as you want.

Get your season card today and put together your ideal theater season here at Tjarnarbíó.

Show Card

Tjarnarbíó Show Card gives you 30% off a minimum of three season shows and a 20% discount at Tjarnarbíó – Cafe and Bar. There is no upper limit to the number of shows you can choose. Card holders get 20% off additional tickets so you can invite friends and family to join you at a discounted price. Tjarnarbíó Show Card is not valid for premieres.

Youngster Card

Tjarnarbíó Youngster Card is for theater lovers under the age of 25. The Youngster Card gives you 50% off a minimum of three season shows and 20% discount at Tjarnarbíó – Cafe and Bar. There is no upper limit to the number of shows you can choose. Card holders also get 30% off other events. The Youngster Card is not valid for premieres. On card pick-up, we will ask card holders to show ID to prove their age.

Tjarnarbíó Gift Cards

Give the gift of experience.

Here in Tjarnarbíó and on tix.is you can buy gift cards, valid for all shows and activities in the house. Each card can equal one or more tickets or a set amount, whichever you prefer.

The Tjarnarbíó gift cards are beautifully printed on thick glossy paper and are the size of normal business cards. When buying online through tix.is you’ll also have the option of a beautiful e-card.

You can purchace the Tjarnarbíó gift cards here in the box office during opening hours or online at tix.is. Free shipping is available.

Reykjavík Culture Card

Tjarnarbíó is part of Reykjavík’s Culture Card program with cardholders receiving a 20% discount on tickets for Tjarnarbíó’s season.

To receive the discount, cardholders must buy their tickets in Tjarnarbíó’s box office, presenting the card before purchase is complete. Unfortunately it’s not possible to use the culture card for tickets purchased online.

Cardholders can contact the box office via email at midasala(at)tjarnarbio.is or via telephone at 527-2100 and reserve tickets. When they arrive at the box office to finish the purchase, they can present the card and receive the discount.

Please note: Tjarnarbíó does not refund the discount to cardholder if they already purchased tickets at full price.