The Tjarnarbíó Passes

The best way to enjoy an exciting theatre season in Tjarnarbíó! The passes are valid for a number of shows and not linked with a particular name. That means you can use it at your convenience; buy one for the whole family together, gift it, invite friends along, whatever floats your boat.

We offer:

10 ticket passes: 25.000 kr

4 ticket passes: 12.000 kr

4 ticket children’s passes: 9.500 kr

2 ticket gift passes: cost price

The Tjarnarbíó Pass also means 15% off of all refreshments at the Tjarnarbarinn Bar.

The Tjarnarbíó Passes are valid throughout a single theatre season.

You can purchase the Tjarnarbíó Passes in Tjarnarbíó’s ticket office or on Tix.is.
The cards themselves are dispensed at Tjarnarbíó (12 Tjarnargata, 101 Reykjavík).

Any questions? Please contact us: midasala@tjarnarbio.is or call 527-2100 (weekdays between 10:00-15:00).